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They tell you how to get a moshling you get them at the port at paws n' claws P.S. the colors give you a hint!

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Q: What are mystery boxes on Moshi Monsters?
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Where is the mystery gift in Moshi Monsters?

The mystery gift in moshi monsters is at gift island which you can only go if your a member.

Where can you buy Moshi Monsters Gift Boxes?

You can only buy Moshi Monsters Gift Boxes only if you're a member. Go to Gift Island.

Where do you get boxes for moshi monsters?

You can buy these from the Pet Shop at the Port.

How do you get secret boxes on moshi monsters?

You can buy these from the Pet Shop at the Port.

Where can you buy moshi monsters mystery moshling eggs?

at horrids

Where do you get a certain combination in Moshi Monsters?

Some member's rooms (members who actually bought it) have mystery boxes that are different colors and a big question mark on them. Click. Then it tells you how to get that moshling.

What do you do with moshi monster mystery boxes?

You get the code for a moshling and the box for your house

How do you get moshling boxes at moshi monsters?

Go to the dock and then go to Paws and Claws because they have them there. You have to be a paid Moshi member.

Which moshling on Moshi Monsters is no.1?

I have no idea. Maybe they wanted it to be a mystery.

Who has the most mystery boxes on moshi?

i do not know but i will tell you who has the most moshlings. Chipstick1.

What is the most expensive Moshi Monsters item?

One of the secret moshling code boxes!

What is the secret code for moshi monsters pick your path disco mystery?