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yes huey he is in the lighthouse

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Q: Does any trainer in soulsilver have politoed?
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Does any trainer have phanpy in soulsilver?

No trainer has a phanpy in Pokemon soul silver.

Does any trainer have murkrow in Pokemon SoulSilver?

the fourth trainer in the elite four have a murkrow

Where is the Pokemon trainer with a politoed in Pokemon Platinum?

Politoed is a national-dex Pokemon so it can only be obtained through a trade.

How does poliwhirl evolve into politoed on Pokemon soulsilver?

Take a leaf stone and use it on him.

Does any trainer on soulsilver have Squirtle?

Pokefan carter who is located in route 14.

How do you get a politoad on Pokemon SoulSilver?

you evolve poliwhirl into politoed with trade while holding kings rock

Does any trainer have houndour in soulsilver?

I'm going to but i don't know many people who do

Does a trainer in Pokemon SoulSilver have chicorita?

There is not a trainer in soul silver that has a chikorita.

Who is the trainer that has Charmander in soulsilver?


How do you get a politoed in Pokemon SoulSilver?

All you have to do is use a leaf stone on polliwirl at any level. use a water stone on him for polliwrath. Wrong. you have to trade poliwhirl attached with a kings rock

Who is the trainer who has alakazam in Pokemon SoulSilver?


What trainer in Pokemon SoulSilver had a gligar?