Does a ds take pictures

Updated: 4/28/2022
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a dsi can but not ds or lite

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Q: Does a ds take pictures
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Can the Nintendo DS lite take pictures?

No, as it lacks a camera. The DSi, DSi XL and 3DS do have a camera and can take pictures.

Do the Nintendo DSi lite take pictures?

ds lite wont but dsi will

What Nintendo DS would you by?

I would buy a Nintendo DS. They are cheaper, and more games are available. The only real difference is that the DS doesn't take pictures.

Is a Nintendo ds i better than a normal ds?

it is the same but you can take pictures and record sound aswell. its not really worth getting if you already have a Nintendo ds.

Which is better the Nintendo DS or DSi?

dsi is better it does every thing that the normal ds does but you can edit music play music take pictures and edit pictures go onto the website for only another £40

How do you send pictures on Nintendo DS?

I think that you turn on your Nintendo DS, and go to Ds Download Play. Go to My Pictures and I don't know.

Can you transfer pictures from a Nintendo DSi to a Nintendo DS?

No, the Nintendo DS does not use pictures. But you can transfer DSi pictures into the 3DS in a future update.

How do you copy pictures from Nintendo DS?

The Nintendo DS cannot not store nor save pcitures so it is not possible to copy pictures from the Nintendo DS

How do you add a picture to a ds lite?

you can not beacuse the ds lite is not compatable with pictures

How do you send pictures from a Nintendo DSi to a Nintendo DS?

You need a flashcart such as R4. and A Microsd card.

What to comment on your girlfriends pictures?

help me and answer ds for me

Can you add music and pictures to a Nintendo ds?

No, but you can if you have a Nintendo DSI, or a Nintendo Ds XL.