What can you do with your ds?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Well, theres a new one comming out and on it you can look at your pictures, take pictures with its 2 camreas; one where the mic. is and the other on the front of the ds (its called the DSi).It has a slightly bigger screen and you can download games.On a normal ds you can talk to friends with pictochat. but, the bad news with that is you can only go a certiant distant...If u have WiFi connection then you can go longer but your friends probably needs to have WiFi too. You can play games on it, and i saw a video on YouTube that is a cheat on how to make your ds into a phone...Its a phone that can go long distance and you dont have to pay a thing! but, its a very complicated task to do, and, unfortunatly, i dont remember what the URL was ....i hope this helped you...

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Q: What can you do with your ds?
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