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Trading between an DS and a DS lite is the same as between a DS and a DS. There is no difference.

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Q: How do you trade Pokemon between a Nintendo DS and DS lite?
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How do you transfer or migrate Pokemon from a Nintendo DS Lite to a Nintendo DS Lite?

You can trade between two DS but only with DS games, otherwise you'll have to migrate them but then you cant put them back on a GBA game anymore.

Are there any Pokemon Diamond codes for Nintendo DS Lite?

get all the Pokemon on diamondcatch them or trade off another Pokemon game

Can you trade a ds lite in for a different ds lite?

Yes you can OR you can trade your Nintendo DS, $100 and 2 unwanted games for a Nintendo DSi.

How can you trade Pokemon diamond to Pokemon platinum with the R4i and they are within both games for the Nintendo DS lite?

the r4 is illegal so screw you

Can you trade the Nintendo DS Lite for the Nintendo DSi?

If you mean simply trading one system for the other, then no, you cannot. The Nintendo DSi is worth about $150 while the DS Lite is worth about $110. You can, however, trade in the Nintendo DS Lite and cash for the Nintendo DSi. If you choose that method, you will need about $40 or so more to cover the cost. You can also choose to trade in your Nintendo DS Lite plus a game or two for the Nintendo DSi.

Can you trade a Nintendo DS Lite for a Nintendo DS i?

no you cant dsi is to new

Can you trade a Nintendo DS or DS Lite for the Nintendo 3DS?

While you can't trade an older system for a newer one, you can certainly trade a DS/DS Lite in for credit at GameStop or stores like it.

Where can you trade in a Nintendo DS lite?

EB Games or Gamestop.

What consoles can Pokemon Ranger be played on?

the Nintendo ds, Nintendo ds lite, Nintendo dsi and Nintendo dsi XL

Can you get migrate Pokémon in crystal to Pokémon pearl?

You have to trade the Pokemon you want to migrate to Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, or LeafGreen. Then you can migrate using Nintendo DS or NDS Lite.

Can you trade Pokemon sapphire with a ds lite to a another ds lite?


What would be the total for a Nintendo ds an a Pokemon Diamond?

Nintendo ds lite=£130 Nintendo ds=£60 Nintendo dsi=£180