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Q: Can you trade Pokemon sapphire with a ds lite to a another ds lite?
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Is there a cloning cheat in Pokemon ruby sapphire please do not answer unless you have done it i have a ds lite i cant get a ditto in Pokemon rubysapphire and for another legendaries cant breed?

There is no cloning cheat in ruby or sapphire.

Can HeartGold trade with Sapphire?

no, but you can migrate Pokemon from sapphire by using the duel-slot feature on the ds lite and pick them up in the fuschia city pal park after you gain access to kanto.

Are there any Pokemon Diamond codes for Nintendo DS Lite?

get all the Pokemon on diamondcatch them or trade off another Pokemon game

Can you trade Pokemon from a dsi to a 3ds?

If you mean using the DS wireless feature instead of the Sapphire link cable feature, then no. Pokemon sapphire does not have wireless communication enabled.

Can you get migrate Pokémon in crystal to Pokémon pearl?

You have to trade the Pokemon you want to migrate to Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, or LeafGreen. Then you can migrate using Nintendo DS or NDS Lite.

Where can you buy Pokemon Sapphire DSi game for your son?

Pokemon Sapphire is a GBA game - since a DSi does not have the GBA slot unlike the regular DS or the lite, it cannot play Pokemon Sapphire.

Can you catch trapinch in Pokemon platunim?

No. You can either trade it from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Heartgold, or Soulsilver, or use the pal park function (if you have an original DS or DS Lite) to transfer a trapinch from Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald.

How do you get Hoen Pokemon in Pokemon White?

Some Hoenn pokemon can be found in the tall grass in certain places, but there is another way- You will need a nintendo ds lite/original ds, and another ds (i use a 3ds and a ds lite)you will also need pokemon white, soulsilver/heartgold, and sapphire/ruby. Put your soulsilver/heartgold game in slot one, and sapphire/ruby in your original/lite ds. Turn on your soulsilver/heartgold game and transfer your hoenn pokemon from sapphire/ruby to soulsilver/heartgold using the pal park. Then save and reboot your original/lite ds and go to download play. Put your pokemon white game in your second ds and go to the poke transfer lab, talk to the guy at the end of the building, he will tell you how to do the rest.

What game system takes Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire?

game boy and DS lite

Could you use emerald to trad Pokemon to Pokemon emerald?

yes you can they are both the same game.emerald can trade with Sapphire ruby emerald firered leafgreen and that's its. the trick that u can do is migrate your Pokemon from firered leafgreen Sapphire ruby and emerald to fill up your national pokedex in Pokemon diamond, pearl, platinum,heartgold, and soulsilver. U MUST have a ds or ds lite

How do you get taillow in Pokemon HeartGold?

you need to transfer a taillow from either ruby, Sapphire or emerald on a Nintendo ds lite.

Could Pokemon sapphire and fireRed trade from a DS to a DS lite even with accessories?

no. the only way to link between sapphire and firered is through 2 gameboys advances/gameboy advance sps qith a link cable when you complete the Network Center in One Island on Firered