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What? No. That's Doubtfully going to happen Jack Atlas. He has the mark of the dragon! He was just possesed or something by Carly. he was jot possedsed by Carly Carly show jack what wood have happen if he last to her so we see jack as dark signer but when jack see that duel is not over yet he go for the win

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Q: Does Jack Atlas became a Dark Signer in yugioh 5d's?
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What episode of Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's did Carly Carmine become a Dark Signer?

Carly Carmine became a Dark Signer in episode 39.

Does Jack Atlas and Carly Carmine get together?

Carly dies after losing as a Dark Signer in the end before anything happens between them.

Who is the fifth siner in yugio 5d's?

the 5th signer used to be rex goodwin (a guy with the mark of a signer and a mark of a dark signer on each arms) but after the other signers defeated the dark signers and yusei, jack and crow defeated rex goodwin crow (who was actually not a signer) became a signer after rex was defeated in a duel by getting yuseis old mark and yusei gettin rex goodwins mark so in another way: rex used to be a signer but he was defeated so crow became the 5th signer try and watch the series a bit more

Does Yusei become a Dark Signer?

No, in the anime Yusei Fudo never becomes a Dark Signer.

Is Carly a dark signer?

Carly is a dark signer. You just have to keep watching Yu-Gi-Oh 5d's.

In Yugioh 5ds tagforce 4 I completed the game with Yusei but when I went to Lenny I couldn't get the alternate Yusei?

you need to complete RALLY's story to do his alternate form. complete yusei with mark and you unlock Kalin Kessler(Dark Signer)

Is there a level 4 normal dark monster in Yugioh?

yes its name is dark blade

Will Jack Atlas kiss Carly in yu-gi-oh 5ds?

Well, they don't kiss in the show but on episode 50 - 60, Carly shows him a illusion that shows him what it was like to be a Dark Signer. In the vision, Jack crashes after Fortune Lady Earth defeats him, Carly picks him up and kisses him, witch blackened his eyes and turned him into a Dark Signer. But in the real world, Jack only hugged Carly

How do you make fake dark synchros?

yugioh card maker

Who was akiza's dark signer opponent?

misty tredwell

Does Jack atlas love Carly?

In Yu Gi Oh 5d's there does seem to be some chemistry between Jack and Carly. They do love each other. In a dark signer duel when Carly loses Jack hugs her tightly before she vanishes.

What is the code for dark magician girl in the ultimate Yugioh vault?