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Q: Who was akiza's dark signer opponent?
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Does Yusei become a Dark Signer?

No, in the anime Yusei Fudo never becomes a Dark Signer.

Is Carly a dark signer?

Carly is a dark signer. You just have to keep watching Yu-Gi-Oh 5d's.

What episode of Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's did Carly Carmine become a Dark Signer?

Carly Carmine became a Dark Signer in episode 39.

How old is akiza in the beginning of the dark signer arch?


Is goodwin a dark signer?

he becomes one when he loses his duel to his brother romen.

Who is the fifth siner in yugio 5d's?

the 5th signer used to be rex goodwin (a guy with the mark of a signer and a mark of a dark signer on each arms) but after the other signers defeated the dark signers and yusei, jack and crow defeated rex goodwin crow (who was actually not a signer) became a signer after rex was defeated in a duel by getting yuseis old mark and yusei gettin rex goodwins mark so in another way: rex used to be a signer but he was defeated so crow became the 5th signer try and watch the series a bit more

How do you get dark kalin as a partner in Yu-Gi-Oh 5ds reverse of arcadia?

You can't get Kalin as a Partner, Dark Signer or not.

Who is the fifth signer?

the first real signer head was goodwins brother, remember whenever goodwin had his hand removed and put an metal hand, well he was waiting until yusei and the other signers defeat the dark signers so goodwin would become a dark signer and a signer because his brother cut his signer hand off and become the leader of the dark goodwin put on his hand and stole every signers mark and become the ultimate god.once yusei, jack and crow defeated him yuseis sign of the tail was replaced with the sign of the head and the tail was given to crow

If your opponent does dark hole can you use Michizure on the monster your opponent summons after dark hole since it starts a new chain?

I'm afraid you can't. you would have to use michizure as soon as dark hole is sent to the graveyard. By the time your opponent summons a monster it would be too late

Yu gi oh 5ds What is akizas favorite color?

I'm guessing it was red, since she wears it allot and black rose dragon is red.

When the opponent actives spell polymerization can you chain it to dark birbe?

No, you cannot activate Dark Bribe in response to Polymerization because Dark Bribe can only be activated in response to a Spell Speed 1 spell card. Polymerization is a Spell Speed 2 card, so it resolves before you would have the opportunity to activate Dark Bribe.

Yu-Gi-Oh 5ds is rex gudwin a dragon signers?

No, but he is a dark signer after he lost to rudger