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You can't get Kalin as a Partner, Dark Signer or not.

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Q: How do you get dark kalin as a partner in Yu-Gi-Oh 5ds reverse of arcadia?
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How do you get one hundred eyed dragon on Yugioh tag force 4?

Beat kalin kessler's story after you beat yusei's story

What cards does yu-gi-oh 5ds kalin kessler have in his deck?

He plays an infernity deck. Go on yugioh wikia and search infernity

How do you unlock all boaster packs in Yugioh 5D's reverse of arcadia?

first to unlock ancient prophicy talk to kalin he'll say something is in his room go see what it is the deul the shadow the people you deul is yusei crow jack and kalin from the past. 2nd to unlock raging battles after you beat the game go talk to crow he'll say there is a rumer of a shadow at the southern field of the bad area go their you go to where you faced roman or you go to where u fought kalin as a darksiner defeat them both then go back talk to crow again. 3rd after you beat the game go talk to mc he'll say there is a shadow on the staduim you go up to stadium face all the signers then you unlock stardust overdrive

How do you change your face in Yugioh world championship 2010 reverse of arcadia?

You can change your face after beating the four mist bodies after you beat the game. Talk to Kalin in the Enforcers hide out and than go up to the meeting room. There is a mist body. Defeat it and then Talk to Crow in the Satalite. Then go to where Kalin was (as a dark signer) and a mist body will be there. Then go to where Roman was and beat that one. Finnaly go to the stadium and talk to the MC. Go into the final area and beat that one. After your done with all that, go to Luna and go 'Go to the Spirit World'. Talk to Torunka and he says if you beat him in a duel he will allow you to have your face changed. It is at complete random though, so if you want a specific one you have to start the game completely over.

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