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It degrades by the amount of time worn in combat. If you wear it out of combat, it won't be affected.


The following information is misleading. Barrows armor degrades only with time spent in combat, while wearing the armor. All pieces degrade separately. The statistics do not diminish while degrading, until it is completely broken.

Barrows armor degrades on damage taken, like the crystal shield. Only when you take damage (anything but a 0) does it start to get weaker. The barrows degrade in increments. (I don't know when the armor degrades to a weaker form, though, I do know it took me a while before it degraded to 75). The following are the stats with new on the top and broken (0) on the bottom.

New (never worn or just fixed)

100 (worn once, even if never fought with)

75 (lower than 100, fairly used for fighting. [I estimate around 200-600 dmg taken])

50 ()

25 ()

0 (broken and in need of repair at someone like Bob of Bob's Axes in Lumbridge or at a player owned house)

Note: Only new or 0 can be traded or sold at the Grand Exchange.


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Q: Does Barrows armour on Runescape decay by amount of time wore in combat or damage taken?
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How long does barrows armour last for it to degrade to 0 on runescape?

All barrows equipment will get to '0' after 15 hours of combat use only, but not while wearing it. ------------------------------------- e.g You can wear it, but if you fight whilst wearing it, it starts to get damaged.

What is the best f2p melee armor in runescape?

The best Armour for Free-to-play characters are: Corrupt dragon - Melee Green D'hide - Ranged Combat Robes - Magic

What is the best armor you can wear at 60 defense for members on runescape?

The best armour to wear depends on the combat style you're using. If using melee, Dragon armour is the best, Black dragonhide armour is the best for ranged, and Grifolic armour is the best for magic. Using the wrong style armour for the wrong class will lower your accuracy.

What happens if you wear corrupt armor in Runescape?

Corrupt dragon armour offers similar stats to Dragon armour, however it degrades. Nothing will happen by simply wearing corrupt armour, however while in combat it will degrade and turn to dust by the end of its use. Otherwise, it is the harmless free-player counterpart of dragon armour.

Is rune the best armor in runescape?

Rune is basically the best melee armour for non-members. For paying members, there are several better options. Also, you must adapt your combat type, armour, and weapons, to the weakness of whatever monster you want to kill. For example, if you want to do Slayer tasks (members only), or kill some other monster, it is best to look up its weakness, and choose one of the three combat types depending on this weakness. Also, adapt your armour to the type of attack the monster uses. For more details, read about the "combat triangle" on any online RuneScape guide, for example

On runescape what is best worn when training magic in f2p?

degradable robes and armour: Combat hood, Combat robe top, Combat robe bottom, Any elemental staff, Runecrafter gloves, Amulet of Magic, Explorer's ring, Anti-dragon shield NON degradable robes: Runecrafting armour gives slightly less attack bonus than combat robes but thry dont degrade so u dant have to waste time getting tokens to recharge them (i recommend runecrafting armour. P.S. u need 50 runecrafting to get the runecrafting robes. : armour same as above but instead of combat robes wear: runecrafting robes

What armour should you use in runescape members i currentyl have 23 mill?

The answer will vary depending on several factors:How much of this money are you willing to actually spend in armour? You may want to keep some for other things.Do you have a paid membership? Members have more options.Do you want the armour to fight, or to show off?The most expensive armour in free-to-play is the Saradomin armour set, which costs muss less than the 23 millions you mention. Since it has the same combat stats as rune armour, it should be used only to show off, not for combat - you don't risk equipment worth a few millions if you can get the same combat results with rune, which costs only about 150,000 coins.

What is the best rs armore in p2p?

Depends what for, I am assuming you mean melee combat, therefore Torva's is the best armour in p2p although it is very expensive armour and I suggest if you have that ammount of money you may as well just buy some barrows gear. Torva's armour is great though and each piece increases your max constitution points, you have to eat before hand and it will increase (by a good ammount too). Probably my favorite of all armour effects.

On runescape can you wear dragon armour if im a free player?

no u cant.... but of late they came out with corrupt dragon armour that free players can obtain from pvp combat and its really expensive in the ge plus it degrades fast so i dont recomend it.........looks stange too.....

How do you people get so many fist of guthix charges quickly on runescape?

they have high combat level with high defence armour of magic range and melee, they use protection prayers and stand in the middle (at the fist of guthix)

What is better range magic or combat on runescape?

obviously combat, because of strength!

Does thieving get your combat level up on runescape?