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You need to put a water source either in the middle of the farm or around the farm

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Q: Do you need to water the seeds in mine craft?
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How do you get water in mine craft pocket edition?

you take a bucket and you collect it. You only need 3 iron to make it

How do you get Pokemon in mine-craft?

You need mods. I would look on YouTube.

How do you make a scuba suit in mine craft?

this is not possible u need a mod to craft and use a scuba suit.

Do seeds need water to sprout?

Yes seeds need water to sprout.

What do you use to mine gold with in mine craft?

You need an iron pickaxe or better to mine gold. Ironically, a gold pickaxe will not be able to mine itself.

What do you need to know in order to perform a physical property analysis?

mine craft

How do you plant crops in minecraft pe?

You don't "make" crops in Minecraft, you find the resource and then you plant. Melon Seeds-Find in Abandoned Mine chest's. Seeds-Can be dropped when breaking tall grass Pumpkin Seeds- You can craft them from a pumpkin. Can find in Abandoned Mine chest's or when you find the pumpkin patches randomly spawned in the world. Sugar Cane-Can only plant on non-tilled grass/sand that is next to water, can find next to water in almost any biome. All seeds need tilled ground (can till with a hoe), and the tilled ground has to be within 4 blocks of water.

How do you make a nuke In mine craft?

you need a mod called explosives + otherwise you can't

What do seeds need to grow?

Seeds need carbon dioxide, minerals, water and sunlight to grow

How do you enchant stuff on mine craft enchanting table?

You need to level up to enchant items.

What are facts about seeds?

Seeds need water and sunlight to grow.

Can you spawn at a mansion in mine craft?

No, there is no mansion structure in Minecraft. If you want a mansion, you need to make it yourself.