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The seeds you plant in your Moshling garden do not need to be watered.

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Q: Do you water your seeds on Moshi Monsters?
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Can you sell your seeds on Moshi Monsters?

no you can't sell seeds on moshi monsters

How do you get new super seeds on Moshi Monsters?

To get super seeds on Moshi Monsters you have to be a member.

What seeds do you use to get tomba on Moshi Monsters?

you cannot get tomba on moshi monsters by seeds,you have to be a moshi member and to do a mission in the volcano

How do you get moshling seeds for free on moshi monsters?

You can not get free seeds on Moshi Monsters. Play the games to get Rox to buy seeds!

What seeds do you have to plant for Fernando on Moshi Monsters?

how do you get fernando on moshi monsters

What do super seeds do in Moshi Monsters?

Super seeds help you catch rare Moshlings on Moshi Monsters.

What are apple seeds on moshi monsters?

These are seeds which Moshi Members can buy at the port.

How do you sell seeds on Moshi Monsters?

You can not sell seeds on Moshi Monsters. Save them in case you need them later for a different moshling.

What seeds do you need to get priscilla on Moshi Monsters?


How do you get shishi in Moshi Monsters?

to get shishi on moshi monsters u have to get the seeds at superseeds thing :)

Is there a code to go to the Super Seeds in Moshi Monsters?

No, there is no code. You have to be a paid Moshi Member to go to the Port and go to the Super Seeds Cart on Moshi Monsters.

Can you get money from planting on Moshi Monsters?

No. You can not get actual money from planting seeds on Moshi Monsters. It used to be that you could get Rox (Moshi Monsters currency) from planting seeds, but that has changed. Rox plants no longer grow in your Moshi Garden.