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Q: Do you need national pokedex to catch gligar?
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Can you catch gligar on Pokemon diamond?

Yes you can but first you need to get national dex!

Do you need the National Pokedex To catch The Regi's?

No you do not... i didnt

How do you catch a skitty on Pokemon Diamond?

You need to get the national pokedex to get national pokedex you need to get all the Pokemon and you need to talk to daun's sister

How do you catch the regies in Pokemon platnom?

you need to have the national pokedex

Do you need to catch all the Pokemon in diamond to get a national pokedex?

No!,you just need to see them

Do you need the national pokedex in order to use the azure flute to catch arceus?


Where do you catch dratini in Pokemon pearl?

at mt coronet and you need a superrod,national pokedex

How many Pokemon do you need to catch to get the national pokedex on Pokemon greenleaf?

All that you want, because you only need to defeat elite four to get nationaal pokedex.

Do you need the national pokedex to catch Suicune?

no, all you have to do is beat the Pokemon league and then he wanders around

What are the chances of finding a Ditto in Pokemon platinum?

you can catch ditto but u need to get the national pokedex

Do you have to have phione to comlete the national pokedex?

You need to for the National Pokedex, but not the Sinnoh Pokedex.

How do you get into pal park in Pokemon platinum in dsi?

you can obtain the pal park after you get the national pokedex, to get the national pokedex see all the the wild sihno pokemon, you only need to see them not catch them.