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if you are talking about the Nintendo event at Game Stop, no.

i know of someone who traded a Snorunt from another file onto their newly started file...

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Q: Do you need national dex to get jirachi?
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Can you get Jirachi without cheating or going to a Nintendo Event?

I'm not lying to you when I say this. You DO NOT need cheats!!! Although you DO need the National Dex.

What is jirachi national dex number?

number 385 Right after Rayquaza, and right before Deoxys

Do you need to complet the national pokedex in Pokemon pearl to get jirachi if so how?

Yes you have to complete the national pokedex to get Jirachi because it is registered in the Hoenn dex. The only way to get Jirachi is either through Poke'mon Colleseum's bonus disk and trade it via Pal Park or AR codes.

Is there a rare Pokemon in th old chatue?

yes! but you need the national dex yes! but you need the national dex

How do you get national dex on platinum?

In Pokemon Platinum to get the National Dex you will need to have seen all 210 Pokemon in the Sinnoh Dex then talk to Professor Rowan and then after a while Professor Oak will give you the National Dex!

How do you get past the battlepark on Pokemon Pearl?

first you need to get the national dex to do this you need to see all Pokemon in sinnoh to compleat the national dex see all Pokemon on the poke dex

Where do you get the national dex in pearl?

well you need to fill all your sinnoh dex then talk to rowin and this guy (Oak) he will upgrade your dex then you have the national dex.... hope that helps, Tina :D

Do you need the national dex to get oaks letter?

Not really. You can still get Oak's Letter without it, but to get TO route 224, you need to beat the E4 and have the National dex.

Can Golbat evolve before you get the national pokedex?

No you need the national dex.

Do you need the national dex to catch regiggias?


Do you need national dex for evee in paltinum?


Do you need national dex to find yanma?