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Yes You Need The Mystery Part Or Secret Slab, (any-one of them) Once you have one of them you can get him at Miracle Sea B3F Crevice Cave Deep B2F Mt. Travail 17F Spatial Rift B14F and Mystifying Forest 13F!

Darkrai Is REALLY hard to recruit! So I would suggest giving your leader a Golden Mask!

Here are some wonder mails to help you:

Pokemon Mystery dungeon Explorers of Time/Darkness:

Secret Slab:

%T93 +K4& J+M@

+TW- 3#Y8 9SCT

Mystery Part:

YWWX S8+& N782


Golden Mask:

02PS TQX2 -&@&

X38K #HJ5 R@M4

Levelling up your pokemon REALLY REALLY tough?

Well, Here are some wonder mails to help you:

You will get a Golden seed! Eat it and you will gain 5 Levels.


FQQ+ S=72 K0&3


3F+K 0&XJ @RR&

4CS1 =PWR =16%

C07Q FC%C @N@J

PQQY &F%8 M9R@

9RK7 9W4- F8@5

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Q: Do you need an item to find Darkrai pmd2?
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How do you evolve your Pokemon in pmd2 after you deafet Darkrai?

easy depending on your Pokemon it may need an item for example for riolu to evolve you need an item [the place is the luminous spring].and you need to recruit palkia!

Is it ok to get mew after battling Darkrai in PMD2?

Yes because you can do anything you want after you beat darkrai but there is nothing speacial at the end

How do you get a darkrai on pmd2?

Darkrai is in Miracle Sea B3F Crevice Cave Deep B2F Mt. Travail 17F Spatial Rift B14F and Mystifying Forest 13F

What Pokemon can you get with the secret slab?

in pmd2: -zapdos -mewtwo -entei -raikou -celebi -latios -latias -deoxys -lugia -ho-oh -darkrai in pmd3: -zapdos -deoxys -darkrai -latios -latias -deoxys (not the one in temporal spire) -celebi

Secrest slab PMD2?

umm to get the secert slab and the other thing you need to do missions ill will add 2 this when i find out some

Where do you get a rilou in PMD2?

you can find them in crystal cave but in sky you can be one or have him as your partner

What item does Riolu need to Evolve in PMD2?

You still need to wait till the end of the game and graduate from the guild and after that you can use luminous spring. then for it to evolve it has to have at least 2 IQ stars by feeding it lots of gummis (mostly orange gummis) and you must have the sun ribbon. if you started with riolu, you cant evolve until after you beat darkrai, recruited palkia and manaphy, and manaphy has to tell you about the marine resort.

What is a revive robe in pmd2?

a revive robe is a 3-starred item that you can sometimes get from the croagrunk swap shop that is made specially for Deoxys.

What do you do after doing the Darkrai missionin pmd2?

you have to do 3 missions then manaphy will come back asking to join your team then do 3 more missions then manaphy will tell you about marine resort after you clear it and get palkia to join your team you can evolve your starters.

Pmd2 how to get cydaquill?

Go to the bathroom

How many floors does raquaza have in pmd2?

About 50.

In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon how do you recruit Rotom?

Pmd2 Darkness is the only game with rotom but if you get a code online..... midnight forest hold high level rotoms 10-18 floor of midnight forest there are alot of rotom =p good lick pmd2 DARKNESS players (riolu is on time in crystal cave) easy to recruit (high level wih recruit item