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yes. But if only you didn't need minecraft Premium account D:

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Q: Do you need a premium minecraft account to play technic launcher?
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Does it cost any money to register a account on minecraft tekkit?

Tekkit itself is completely free and requires no registration however you are required to have a premium Minecraft account to use the official Technic launcher regardless of whether the server is "Online" or not.

How do you install technic pack without premium minecraft account?

It is illegal to play Minecraft without an activated premium account, and WikiAnswers will not provide guidance for illegal actions.

How do you use minecraft technic launcher?

You download it. :O

How much does technic like minecraft cost?

aslong as you have bought minecraft, the technic launcher is free to download and play, but you HAVE to have bought minecraft to use it.

How do you get tekkit on minecraft?

Download the technic launcher, run it and then run tekkit.

How do you get tekkit in Minecraft?

You go to a website called and you then download the technic launcher. After that you can open the launcher, select tekkit, login and play.

How do you update hack slash mine?

If you use the Technic Launcher to launch Minecraft, it will automatically update the mods that it supports (with Hack Slash Mine being one of them). You can download the Technic Launcher when you use the link.

How do you install the Tekkit mod for Minecraft without getting a virus?

Downloading the Technic Launcher would save any hassle as it has 5 modpacks in 1 voxelbox, hack / mine , yogbox , technic , and technic

How do you install tekkit mod for minecraft without getting a virus?

There's a Technic Launcher and something called Feed The Beast. In the Technic Launcher, you have things like tekkit, yogbox and in Feed The Beast you can choose from the mod packs that they show you.

How do you install tekit in minecraft?

You go to their website (google it) and download the Technic Launcher (try using the .jar, the .exe didn't work for me). Once you open the launcher, choose your modpack, in this case Tekkit, put in your Minecraft or Mojang account information, and hit login. This creates a brand new directory that won't mess with the minecraft.jar that is launched from the vanilla launcher:

How do you install Minecraft Comes Alive without forge?

If you download and install a modded launcher such as Technic Launcher you might be able to find a modpack that includes Minecraft Comes Alive. Other than that there isn't any way.

Is technic launcher free?