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The PlayStation 3 has a built in Hard Drive. Ps3 game saves will be saved to the Hard Drive. But to save PlayStation 1 + 2 games, an internal mermory card must be created inside the Hard Drive. PS1 + PS2 games will save there. So no you don't need a memory card for the PlayStation 3.

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Q: Do you need a Memory card for a PlayStation 3?
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Can you use a 3g card on playstation 3?

No you need a broadband or DSL WiFi or ethernet connection and can not connect through USB port

How is the Playstation 4 better than the Playstation 3?

The performance of the PlayStation 4 has been proven to be much higher than that of the PlayStation 3. There is a much higher memory content, and the processing speed at which it runs is much faster than that of the previous model.

Can a PlayStation 1 play PlayStation 3 games?

You can not play PlayStation 3 games on a PlayStation 1, but you can play PlayStation 1 games on a PlayStation 3. All of the PlayStation consoles are backwards compatible.

What type of SD card do you need to softmod your wii?

you can find it in your wii manual. But here are list of cards which can be inserted in wii console- memory card sd card with mini sd card adapter 3.micro sd card with micro sd card adapter

Do PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games work on the PlayStation 3?

It depends. the only playstation 3 that i know of that can play psOne and ps2 games is the 60gb. The 60gb playstation 3 is the playstation that has the most features. It came with 4 USB slots, 4 memory card readers (located in the black overhang that is left of the disk drive), one sixaxis controller (not dualshock.. they are not as heavy because they don't have a vibrating motor so they don't vibrate), and the ability to read playstation 2 disks. i have not tried a psOne game, but i am pretty sure that it is capable of it. my friend has an 80gb playstation 3 and his cannot play the older playstation games. if you do have a 60gb ps3, then it will not play them unless you download something from the playstation store. you have to download "ps2 system data" or something like that. i have also tried downloading the system software on my friends 80gb and it still said that the ps2 disk was an unsupported disk. so all i know is that the old 60gb does and the old 80gb doesnt.

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Do I need to purchase a memory card to save games on my Playstation 3?

The PlayStation 3 has 256 MB of XDR main memory and 256 MB of GDDR3 video memory.

What is the largest size memory card for playstation 3?

There are no memory cards for the Playstation 3. Data is saved to the hard drive.

Can PlayStation 2 games be saved on the PlayStation 3?

yes you can make a ps2 memory card on your ps3 yes you can make a ps2 memory card on your ps3

Is it possible to transfer game saves back to the physical memory card with a PlayStation 3 memory card adapter?


Is the PlayStation 3 USB memory card adapter compatible with a PlayStation 2 console?


How do you move playstation 2 saved games e.g on a ps2 memory card to a playstation 3?

You will have to buy the adapter that plugs into your USB port which will let you plug the memory card into it.

Does the Playstation 3 support the use of Playstation 2 memory cards?

The Playstation 3 requires the purchase of a separate Playstation 2 memory card reader device to use Playstation 2 memory cards. This device is manufactured by Sony and is available from most major retailers for about $20.

Does Playstation 3 have a memory card?

No. You just won't be able to save the games. You build the memory cards in the HDD for the 4 USB port models that play PS2 games and many games need to do this

How can you save files in memory card Slot 2 of your PlayStation 2?

No, one cannot save a PlayStation game without the use of a Memory Card. The original PlayStation lacks internal storage and relies on Memory Cards to create game saves. The same applies to the PlayStation 2, although the 40GB HDD accessory allows the creation of game saves on the internal hard drive. With the release of the PlayStation 3, game saves are created on the internal hard drive, negating the requirement for a separate memory card.

Can you change the memory card with a different Playstation 3?

PS3 has a Harddrive which you can change with a standard laptop harddrive

Can you copy playstation 2 and playstation 1 game saves to the physical memory card connected to the usb adapter from an internal memory card on your playstation 3?

No games must be saved from actually playing on that PS3 and into the memory card that you build into the PS3 hdd. You can not then download these into a USB port. Nothing from games HDD section can be downloaded to the USB port and used in another console.

How big of a memory card do I need for my PlayStation 3?

This is relative to how much data you intend on saving, but Sony manufacturers an affordable ($25) 8MB card specially designed for the PS3 that works for most people.