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No you need a broadband or DSL WiFi or ethernet connection and can not connect through USB port

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Q: Can you use a 3g card on playstation 3?
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Can you use a credit card to buy PlayStation Vita games?

Yes. PlayStation Network allows you to save your billing info (ie. a credit card) to your account, allowing you to buy games on the PlayStation Store on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita without the need for a prepaid card.

Does the Playstation 3 support the use of Playstation 2 memory cards?

The Playstation 3 requires the purchase of a separate Playstation 2 memory card reader device to use Playstation 2 memory cards. This device is manufactured by Sony and is available from most major retailers for about $20.

Can a iPhone 3g be unlocked?

You can use an internet service with your 3G provided if you are: 1) Using a 3G sim card and have your service activated 2) Are in a 3G coverage area 3) Are on an internet plan For more information, you should head to your mobile service provider.

Do you need a PlayStation 3 to use the PlayStation Vita?

The PlayStation Vita is a standalone system. You do not require a PlayStation 3 to use it.

How do you pay on the PlayStation 3?

With a credit card or a Playstation Network card you buy at a retail store that sells Video games

Is the PlayStation 3 USB memory card adapter compatible with a PlayStation 2 console?


What is the largest size memory card for playstation 3?

There are no memory cards for the Playstation 3. Data is saved to the hard drive.

Do you need a Memory card for a PlayStation 3?

The PlayStation 3 has a built in Hard Drive. Ps3 game saves will be saved to the Hard Drive. But to save PlayStation 1 + 2 games, an internal mermory card must be created inside the Hard Drive. PS1 + PS2 games will save there. So no you don't need a memory card for the PlayStation 3.

How do you put money on to your PlayStation 3?

If you mean the PlayStation Store, *this is the way i do it* try to buy a game or DLC you can't afford, it should give you options for how to pay for it like Redeeming a code (20 dollar cards can be found almost anywhere), or a credit card. Creditz to Jay Dog 459

Can you use PlayStation 3 games for a PlayStation 2?


Can PlayStation 2 games be saved on the PlayStation 3?

yes you can make a ps2 memory card on your ps3 yes you can make a ps2 memory card on your ps3

Can you take a PS3 graphics card out and put it in a computer?

No. The "graphics card" in a PlayStation 3 is integrated into the motherboard.