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Yes, special cable is required to use Xbox.

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Q: Do you need a AV cable for the Xbox?
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Is there an AV cable for Xbox one?

No but you can get an hdmi to AV converter.

What is an AV connector for the xbox 360?

It means Audio Video Cable

How much is an av cord for the xbox360?

Xbox 360 Component HD AV Cable is on sale for $39.99 at

Is the original Xbox av cable the same as the Xbox 360 version?

You should be able to tell by the slot that It plugs into.

How do you fix your xbox 360 when hAVing trouble with the AV?

The best thing to do is unplug your AV cables out of your xbox 360 and TV. Reconnect them but make sure they are in probably. Test and see if working. You might find that you will get 4 red lights of death, this just means that the AV cable is damaged. Replace the AV cable and it should work.

Can you use the old Xbox wires for the new Xbox slim?

The av calbe, the one that goes to the tv is exactly the same, the power cable, no. There is a new plug for the new power supply. But the av cable will work just fine. Along with hdmi.

Do you need a HDTV for any Xbox 360?

Xbox 360s come with the standard AV cable used to connect to a standard tube television. So, you do not need an HDTV. However, games do look a lot better in high-definition.

If you hAVe a HDMI cable do you need the HD AV cables?

I believe the AV should come through the HDMI cable, but I'm no technician...

What is the difference between the arcade and the elite?

The Xbox 360 Arcade comes with a white console, white wireless controller, 256 MB of memory (on a memory stick), and a standard AV cable. The XBOX 360 Elite comes with a black console, black controller, a black headset, ethernet cable, a standard and HD AV cable, and an HDMI cable. Also, the elite can play all XBOX 360 games plus like 350 original XBOX games, while the Arcade can only play XBOX 360 games.

How do you play xbox on a laptop screen using VGA HD AV Cable with a optical output connector?

YOu don't

Is the AV connection on the rear of an standard old school xbox the same as on a newer xbox 360?

yes it is, i use the old av cable with my slim as the cables that come with the slim have the bog standard red white and yellow components

Do you need cable to work the Wii?

i dont know what you mean but all you need would is a av cable compatibility t.v .