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No you don't. I caught it after I beat the Elite Four. You can catch it before or after. It doesn't matter.

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Q: Do you have to had caught mesprit before you battled elite 4?
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What rare Pokemon's can you get before the elite 4 in Pokemon Platinum?

The rare Pokemon which you can get before the Elite Four in Pokemon Platinum are Giratina, Mesprit, Uxie, and Azelf.

When can you catch mesprit?

After you beat the elite four and the galactic biulding

Where is your rival after you battled the elite four in Pokemon soulsilver?


Is Mesprit still able to get after beating the Elite 4?

*shrugs* who knows

What to do after defeating givoney on FireRed?

if u battled him in the gym do the elite 4

Can Rayquaza be caught on Pokemon ruby even if you not yet deafeted the elite four?

You can only catch it after beating the elite four however you can get it from a friend before defeating the elite four.

When you run away from cobalion when does he come back?

This depends on if you saved the game before you battled Cobalion.

Where is the Kanto elitefour in Pokemon SoulSilver and heartgold?

The one you battled before Kanto, The Elite Four of SoulSilver and HeartGold are shared between Kanto and Johto even though it is located in Kanto. But once you beat Red the Elite Fours teams are updated so technically those are the elite four.

If you run from Azelf Mesprit or Uxie will you ever see them again?

yes you must beat the elite 4

What episode does ash face the elite four?

If you notice in the old episodes he never did the orange island he battled 1. the new ones hes only battled 1 so far

Where is silver after you double battled with him in the dragons den?

He will challenge you on your way to the Elite Four every Monday and Wednesday.

Where is your rival after you battled the elite four in Pokemon pearl?

He is waiting in the battle area to the right of the Pokemon center.