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No, catching Mesprit is completely optional. If you're looking to get the most out of the game, though, you'll want to capture it along with the other legendaries.

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Q: Do you have to catch Mesprit to continue in the game?
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Where do you catch mesprit?

Mesprit roams Sinnoh.

What legendaries can you catch without beating the game in pearl?

Mesprit Azelf Uxie Palkia

What do you do after you catch the mesprit?

Catch better Pokemon

When to catch mespirt?

you can catch mesprit after the championship on the wild >

Can you catch Latias without the eon ticket in sapphire?

Yes you can. later in the game Latias (or latios depending on which game you have) is attainable. Like mesprit in Pokemon diamond and pearl and like mesprit, latias and latios tend to flee.

Can you get into the pal park if you catch Mesprit?


Where is the Cresselia after it runs off?

You need the marking map you used to catch mesprit You need the marking map you used to catch mesprit

When is the game Pokemon diamond completely ended And there are not more tasks to complte?

after you beat the elite four and you catch creselia and mesprit

Were do you catch latios in soulsilver?

the way you catch azelf mesprit and uxie.

Do you have to have uxie and azelf in your party to catch mesprit?


How do you catch mesprit in platinum?

chase it down

Where do you catch mesprit on Pokemon diamond?