Do think Webkinz is boring

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I think that if you play for seven hours straight it can become boring but other than that- no.

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Q: Do think Webkinz is boring
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Are webkinz cool and fun?

Well, that's your opinion. Lots of kids think they are fun, and others don't. I don't like Webkinz because they are expensive (cost from $8 to $20 per webkinz) and get boring after a while. 2 years ago I loved Webkinz and now I hate them! i think they are probably fun for kids aged 5-12., well it depends on your character. is you like to play games and stuff then you will love webkinz.

What are some websites that are more better than stardoll and clubpenguin?

stardoll is boring i think clubpenguin is great wat ever u do dont go on webkinz

Webkinz is boring and is there a very fun game or virtural site for teens?

Is there a bird Webkinz?

Well there is a bluejay webkinz I think !!!

Does Selina Gomez have a Webkinz?

I dont think she has webkinz

Does parsons have Webkinz?

Sorry I do not think Parsons have Webkinz.

Webkinz are not boring you have 19?

webkinz are fully boring my little cousin she's 9 she has 24 and she thinks they are so so gay but when she bought them she didn't know until she got 24 when the added new bitchy stuff she knew they were so so gay.

How do you get up to lvl 9 in Webkinz on Webkinz rally?

i do not think you can

Why do i think everything is boring?

because you are a boring person?

What do you think of TV commercial?

i think commercials are boring but help some companies i think commercials are boring but help some companies i think commercials are boring but help some companies

Why does Webkinz have pet of the month?

I think Webkinz have Pet of the Month because they want you to buy more Webkinz.

Who has the most Webkinz in the universe?

I think it was a girl who had 234 webkinz. I have 20.