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i think its b cuz you have to adopt him the same month i think

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Q: In webkinz i got pet of the month and i don't know how to get my prize?
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When is the webkinz floppypig pet of the month?

i dont know but they chose diffent webkinz everymonth so it is hard for them to chose

Which month is the polar bear pet of the month on webkinz?

To me, I dont think anyone knows! I think they just, you know, pick-out-of-a-hat. Its very random

What is the September pet of the month on webkinz?

I'm not sure about what the Webkinz September pet of the month is for 2010, but I do know that in 2009 it was the leopard.

What is the pet of the month on Webkinz in May?

do not know yet

How many Webkinz are available?

There is so many GOOD webkinz. We dont know how many!

When is the husky pet of the month P.S. WEBKINZ?

On webkinz u just have to wait for your pet to be the pet of the month (i know it sinks)if u have more than 1 pet it comes quickier. sometimes u get lucky and your pet is the pet of the month right away (that happened to me the first day i got a webkinz) i am not sure but i think it MIGHT go with the season of the month i don't know those cause it is my first month on webkinz :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) !!!!!

When was the webkinz poodle pet of the month?

I know the pink poodle was pet of the month for October 2010.

Is the webkinz pet of the month the hippo?

possiby,it changes monthly i don't know about what month your talking about

In webkinz when will the black cat be pet of the month?

I do not know off the top of my head but you can go to webkinz insider and they will tell you!

How do you get to the prize klaw on Webkinz?

There isn't a prize claw everyday. Click on the Things to do menu and to the Activities page. There might be one, I don't know.

What is the webkinz pet of the month for December 2009?

i do not know but if you have an idea then send it in!

What webkinz is the pet of the month for Jan 10?

Webkinz has Pet Of The Month every month. 2010 has some new pets! The January pet of the month is the Schnauzer. It's very cute and soft. Hurry and get it! In case you wanted to know, February pet of the month is White Terrier, and March is the Himalayan cat. For absolutely EVERYTHING to know about webkinz go to PS please recommend me!