Do electric attacks effect torterra

Updated: 4/28/2022
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not very well...

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Q: Do electric attacks effect torterra
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Will Ho-oh beat Torterra in a Pokemon battle?

Probably as Ho-oh's Fire and Flying type attacks are super effective and Torterra's Grass type attacks are 1/4 of their power and Torterra's Ground type attacks don't effect Ho-oh.

What doesn't effect electric Pokemon?

I might be wrong, but I believe that electric Pokemon can be hurt with any type of attack,I think even electric attacks, unless the electric Pokemon has volt absorb, which would heal them,or if they were part flying, in which case, they could not be hurt by ground attacks,also if they were part ground, they would be immune to electric attacks.

What type Pokemon beats electric?

Ground Pokemon can defeat electric Pokemon.

What is bad against electric Pokemon?

Ground type like torterra or garchomp and its evo's are super effective, and they take absolutely no damage from electric types

Electric type Pokemon weak to what type Pokemon?

yes it is, when u attack a electric Pokemon with a dark Pokemon it as no effect.

What is super effective against togekiss?

Electric, ice and rock attacks. If togekiss uses roost, is holding an iron ball, or battles with "Gravity" in effect, then only fighting attacks are super effectives because it is not a "flying" type in these situations.

What are the wheaknesses of elite four in soulsivler?

In Pokémon SoulSilver, the weaknesses of the Elite 4 are as follows: Will's Xatu is weak to Ghost and Electric attacks. Jynx is weak to Ghsot and Fire attacks. Exeggutor is weak to Flying, Bug and Fire attacks. Slowbro is weak to ghost, grass and Electric attacks. Koga's Ariados is weak to Fire and Flying attacks. His Venomoth is weak to Electric attacks, Forretress is weak to Fire attacks, Muk is weak to Psychic and Ground attacks and his Crobat is weak to Psychic and Electric attacks. Bruno's Hitmontop, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan and Machamp are all weak to Psychic and Flying attacks. His Onix is weak to Fighting, Grass, Steel and Water attacks. Karen's Umbreon is weak to bug or Fighting attacks. Her Vileplume is weak to Bug, Fire or Flying attacks. Gengar is weak to Ghost, Dark or Psychic attacks. Murkrow is weak to Electric attacks. Her Houndoom is weak to Fighting or Water attacks.

What does a magnet do in Pokemon?

raises electric attacks

What is the first evolution for torterra?

Torterra does not evolve.

Can torterra bread?

yes you can bread torterra with a ditto turtwig grotle and torterra but you have to make sure the torterra is a female unless your breeding it with ditto

What is Charizard weak against?

Charizard is weak against rock-type attacks,water-type attacks and electric-type attacks

What types of Pokemon are good against electric Pokemon?

the Pokemon that is good angensti electric type is ground attacks or rock attacks. just get a Pokemon that can learn earthquake and use it on the electric or the fire type Pokemon.