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Yes, the Xbox games were discontinued almost as soon as the Xbox 360 came out.

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Q: Did they discontinue making Xbox games?
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Are they going to stop making the Xbox 360?

That is a good question! I think they will stop making games for the xbox 360 and ps3 because of the ps4 and the xbox 720. They already stopped making games for ps2 and xbox. i have an xbox 360 so even i'm not sure weather to keep xbox or get xbox 720.

Why did they discontinue the xbox 360 pro?

The Xbox 360 Pro was discontinued in favor of more popular models. The Pro model came equipped with a 60 GB hard drive to store games.

Can you use Xbox 360 games on the old Xbox?

Of course not, what would be the point of making the Xbox 360 then?

Did they stop making xbox games forever?


Are they going to stop making xbox games?

The old xbox they have stoppedThe xbox 360 the only way is that Microsoftbankrup bankrupt

Can you play Xbox 360 games on an old Xbox?

No, otherwise here would have been no point in making an xbox 360 would there

Have they stopped making plain Xbox game?

Well now that the Xbox 360 has been around for years, no they do not make original Xbox games.

Is the UFC making any video games for xbox 360?

As of Oct. 09, UFC: Undisputed is on the Xbox 360.

Are they making anymore Grand Theft Auto games for the PS2?

No the games are now for the PS3 and Xbox 360

Do normal xbox 360 games work with Kinect?

sadly from what i have heard that that's a negative (unique games are in the making)

What do the original xbox games include?

Original Xbox games include the physical disc and a manual. Some games including Morrowind also came with a map, and others may have come with a making-off DVD.

Is there any cycling video games on xbox 360?

As of Oct. 09, no. They are too busy making games that would be fun.