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As of Oct. 09, no. They are too busy making games that would be fun.

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Q: Is there any cycling video games on xbox 360?
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The Xbox 360 contains an emulator for what video game system?

A Microsoft XBOX 360 does not run an emulator. You can only play XBOX based games. Any XBOX 360 that has an emulator to play non XBOX games is a modded XBOX 360.

Is the UFC making any video games for xbox 360?

As of Oct. 09, UFC: Undisputed is on the Xbox 360.

Are all Xbox 360 games considered entertainment video games?

The Xbox 360 has many different games and they are all a form of entertainment, not education. The Xbox 360 games are for all ages, but each type are for entertaining only,

Where can you get Xbox 360 Kinect?

Anywhere video games are sold.

How do you play ninteno games on Xbox?

You cannot play video games from other consuls on the Xbox 360. Although there is a small exception for certain original Xbox games but you must have an Xbox 360 hard drive.

Which are the best rated video games for XBox 360?

The best video games for XBox 360 may vary depending on which genre of game a person is interested in. The highest rated games are FIFA, Call of Duty and Halo.

Why was breakaway not in transformer 2?

he was in the video games for ps3 and xbox 360

I know the video game X-Games Skateboarding is on PS2 but is it on Xbox 360?

ESPN X Games: Skateboarding is on the PS2 and Game Boy Advance, but not the Xbox 360

Is there a halo video game for the ps3?

Nope. There are two Halo games for the XBox, and one for XBox 360.

What genre of video games goes with the xbox 360 system?

The xbox 360 has many different genres of video games that can be played on it. One can play shooting games, puzzles, racing games, sports, and much more. There are literally hundreds of games available to play.

Can you play Xbox 360 games on a old Xbox?

No, Xbox 360 games can only be played on the Xbox 360. However some Xbox original games can be played on the Xbox 360.

Can video games be good for entertainment?

Yes, I like them, I play the xbox 360