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Yes Goku does die fighting cell because he teleported cell into the other world because cell was going to explode to blow up the planet but cell somehow survived and didnt die and Gohan finshed him off with kamehamehha

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Q: Did Goku died after fighting against cell?
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Dragon ball z does goku die while fighting with broly?

He doesn't while fighting the first time because that is before the cell he faces Cell. He is already died the second time Broly comes back so Gohan beats him with Goten and Goku but Goku his not really there.

Did Goku survive the cell explosion?

No he died

Did Goku die after fighting Cell?

no, Gohan killed cell with with the kamehameha wave when goku teleported cell by king kai when cell was going to blow himself up and then goku died and cell regenerated himself with 1 cell left and gohan kill him.

What was Gohan's actual age when Goku died in the 'Cell Games'?

i believe it was 14

Is Goku dead?

1st time: Died when Piccolo shot him and Radditz as he held him still to defeat him. 2nd time: Second death is from Cell. Gohan was toying around with him and then he started getting ready to explode, and Goku used Instant Transmission to take him to King Kai's planet where he died. He dies another time if you count the Alternate timeline where Trunks came from (deadly heart disease). He stays dead for 7 years after cell, comes back to life in the Buu saga after the old Kai gives him his life.

Has Goku died in one of dragonballz episodes?

Yes, Goku died when cell tried to blow himself up. Goku transported him to king kies' planet and the explosion killed him and blew up the planet. Goku has also died when Piccolo shot him with a Makankousappo (Special Beam Cannon) while he was holding down Raditz.

Has Goku died?

Yes goku has died twice

Did gohan die in the android saga?

Goku fought several times during the Android Saga; these instances include against Android 19 and against Perfect Cell.

How many times Goku die?

goku only died two times. He died when piccolo killed him with the special beam cannon when raditz came. and when he took cell to kais planet. he didnt die against frieza they thought he died when planet namek exploded but he found the ginyu force ship and it took him to the planet it had set to go to. and he didnt die against omega shenron in dbgt once they defeted him shenron appeared and said the dragon balls were overused so he said he would bring them back when the earth needed them. and goku rode off with him, goku wouldent return until the world needed him.

What country did Davy Crockett die fighting against?

Davy Crockett died at the Alamo fighting against the Mexican army!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$money

How old was Gohan when Goku died in the Cell Games?

Goku dies when he sacrifices himself to save Gohan. Cell is losing so he self destructs himself to blowup Gohan with himself (you might think Cell is desperate but Cell can regenerate) but Goku using his instant tranmission to send Cell and himself to king kai's planet just before Cell self destructs but unfortunately Cell regenerates and comes back to earth.

How does cell kill Goku?

He killed goku by that in the battle cell decided to self destruct himself.he got fatter and fatter.goku knew if he exploded he would destroy the he took cell and said his goodbyes.and teleported with cell along with him to king kai's place and exploded there.but goku died and cell didnt which was surprising.gohan killed cell. Ps. Ima girl and love dragon ball z. -dbzg or dragon ball z girl.