How many times did Goku died?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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GOku has died 3 times in dragon ball history. one by raditz, two by cell. and three by shenron. after defeating shenron goku dies and then quickly come backs alive by the dragon balls. it is really easy to miss the third time he died.

no shenron never killed him when he defeated him he became immortal with the dragonballs

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Q: How many times did Goku died?
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How many times does goku go super sayian 3?

goku went ssj 3 5,799 times

Does Goku come back alive?

goku comes back to life many times

Has Goku died?

Yes goku has died twice

What are the people from Dragon Ball Z afraid of?

Evil and Death. As many times as they have died and goku has defeated evil forces are you sure.

How many times does goku become super saiyan 4?

About three times

How many times is Goku's tail removed in Dragonball?

at least 3 times

How did goku come back alive if the new dragon can bring back some that die one time and goku die many times?

They revived Goku with Shenron but then when he died again he couldn't be revived by him again, so they moved Namek to revive the others who also couldn't be revived by Shenron. In Namek there was a dragon called Porunga and he could revive anyone regardless of how many times they had died, plus it gave 3 wishes instead of the normal 1.

How old was Goku when he died?

goku never died he went into training with shenron ,the dragon from the dragonballs.

How many times had Goku beat vageta?

none he is weak and low class

How many times Goku die?

goku only died two times. He died when piccolo killed him with the special beam cannon when raditz came. and when he took cell to kais planet. he didnt die against frieza they thought he died when planet namek exploded but he found the ginyu force ship and it took him to the planet it had set to go to. and he didnt die against omega shenron in dbgt once they defeted him shenron appeared and said the dragon balls were overused so he said he would bring them back when the earth needed them. and goku rode off with him, goku wouldent return until the world needed him.

How is the dragon killed?

it was goku he did the spint bomb then he died then they wish him back and they live good that was the last time goku died

Did they find the dragon balls evoltion and wished goku grand frather back to life?

Sadly no, because at many times they would only bring back people who were important to a battle, which was occurring at the time. Like Goku,Vegeta,Gohan,Piccolo or any body who died in the fierce battle.