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the moves are not possible but the stats can be possible...bec. i have a charizard shiny and its special atk is 999 and its speed is 976...however my defenses are so low...


sp def:65

...i didnt use cheats only calcium and carbos...

i get that by breeding a charizard[with a special band:this will help you boost your special attack to the max]...with a female scissor...luckily i got it shiny...

but i recommnd you not to try it...why bec. i got it in this state:



ability:wonder blaze{if hit by a super effective move doubles your sp.atk]



sp def:1




nature: rash

if it got succesfully just put your answer here so ill congrutulate you....

try this it really works....

ref:Pokemon breeding ideas,Pokemon moveset tips,and Pokemon stat enchancers tips

ok,remember im eclipse charizard... hope this helps...

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Q: Diamond ar code for Charizard level 99 shiny max stats knows Bullet Punch Volt Tackle Sacred Fire hydro cannon?
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The Pokemon Pearl Heart scale cheat for AR dosent work. Can some one help?

You probably don't have the code right. I recommend going to Codejunkies's website for the code. I have lots of heartscales, dragonscales even a Charizard that knows Bullet Punch, Sacred Fire, Volt Tackle and Hydro Cannon. (WOW) all from Codejunkies. Go there.

What does the Pokemon use in their final smash?

charizard and the gang use hydropump solarbeam and fire blast. pikachu uses bolttackle press a to tackle opponents

How do you teach Pikachu volt tackle in pokemon diamond?

It is not possible. Pikachu with Volt Tackle can only be obtained through Battle Revolution, unless you can find someone with Volt Tackle already and breed it.

Can chardizard learn volt tackle in Pokemon Diamond?


How do you get Pichu to learn volt tackle on Pokemon Diamond?

Volt Tackle Pokemon Diamond AR cheats?

To get the move volt tackle you need a pichu, picachu or a riachu holding a light ball then mate it with one of the Pokemon i just said but opposite sex or a ditto the bingo you have a pichu with volt tackle.

Can you breed a Pichu that has volt tackle on gold?

No, only in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl and Emerald/Ruby/Sapphire.

How do you get gifts in mystrey gift in diamond?

You can get the mystery gift in diamond by completing the game Pokemon battle revoulution. A level ten pickachu with surf and volt tackle is your prize

What move parylize in Pokemon diamond?

it could be spark thunder bolt volt tackle thunder wave deffinetly!

How does Pikachu learn bolt tackle on diamond?

you need a light ball and a male and a female Pikachu. Make the male hold the lightball then stick them both in the daycare, when you have an egg the Pichu will know volt tackle

What moves will majikarp learn in Pokemon diamond?

They can learn splash (lvl 1)....tackle (lvl 15) and flail (lvl 30)

How do you get your Pikachu to learn volt tackle?

This is a very hard process because you have to breed a pikachu with a Pokemon that does have volt tackle if that doesn't work ive heard theres some sorrt of stone (not a thunderstone) PS this is on diamond,pearl and platinum