Club penguin job list

Updated: 4/28/2022
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well you can be a Pizza maker, cart surfer, fisher and many others they all earn you money, the best is cart surfer because it get's you more coins!

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Q: Club penguin job list
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Do you get a popcorn job on Club Penguin?

no. you don't get a popcorn job in club penguin you only could do a coffee serving job. Even when it sells a popcorn job apron or clothes, it is only for style and you get it in the clothing shop in the town in club penguin. I know because I play club penguin everyday. :)

How do you get a job on Club Penguin if the manager is not there?

Then YOU can be the manager!

What do you have to do to to go behind the clock tower on club penguin?

Get off club penguin and get a job, and grow up you cretin

How do you you get on a Club Penguin test server?

You have to have a job at club penguin, and if you dont have a job there, u can only get on them by hacking, which would involve banning and even legal trouble.

How do get a job in club penguin without a membership?

unlock them

How do you get past mission 4 on club penguin elite penguin force ds?

you do your job

How do you get a job at the peffle shop on Club Penguin?

you can't get a job at the puffle shop!

Who is billy bob on club penguin?

Billybob used to be the co-founder of club penguin, but recently he quit his job to become a builder.

In club penguin get a job witch one do you click to be a moderator?

Club penguin has enough moderators so there is no job to click on because club penguin gave the last opening for moderators to a penguin named ping ice2 so sorry but maybe later in the year they will need more moderators

What can you get in club penguin if you are not a member and where?

five joints and a hand job

Where is the pizza shirt on club penguin?

Sometimes it is available as the monthly job in the penguin style catalog.

How do you be come a post man on club penguin?

Well you can't. You may be able to act like one if club penguin releases a postman outfit job in the monthly job someday.