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You should be able to find it at This is microchip123's website, not mine. Personally, i think he did a better job on number 9.

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Q: Where can you download penguin storm 10 for Club Penguin?
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Will Club Penguin ban you if you use penguin storm 10?

yes and penguin storm has virus too

What are some Club Penguin hacks?

There are a number of cheats and hacks for club penguin. There are 2 main forms of hacking. 1: regular glitches in club penguin 2: club penguin cheat trainers. There are not a lot of glitches currently because club penguin has fixed them, but there are a ton of trainers that can be used for money making, getting items, effects, empty servers, and more. The best working trainer is called penguin storm 7. i would recommend using that trainer for any cheats u need. Penguin storm is constantly coming out with updated versions so be sure to check if there is any other download frequently. you can download penguin storm 10.1 at There are other trainers that u can download and search for at ,but some penguins prefer penguin impact 3 you get free membership on it but it is really slow.

How do you get the grey color on Club Penguin?

You can't get the color grey. Although if you go to you can download Penguin Storm 10 which edits your penguin to be grey. Hope you like it.

How do you use penguin storm for Club Penguin?

Go to your search engine and type in Club Penguin Storm downloadfollow the instructionsI must warn you about Club Penguin Storm, it can get you banned for life, or in deep trouble. Or it could work out for you.GOOD LUCK :)

How do you make hacks in Club Penguin?

Go to CP Cheats>>.com and go to the tab for penguin storm and download it. Click on the icon for it in you downloads.

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How To Cheat On Club Penguin?

download penguin storm

How do you get big on Club Penguin?

You need to have penguin storm,which you can download at:

Where can you download penguin fire for Club Penguin?

You can download penguin fire at But there is a better version of penguin fire and it is Club Penguin Storm 7 and you can download it at and it REALLY WORKS!!!

Where can you download club penguin storm?

, Type into google: Download penguin storm 9.1 that's it!!!!!!! Bye

Where can you download penguin lightning for Club Penguin?

is called penguin storm not penguin lightning and you can no longer download it due to a club penguin update that blocked this software from being used

How do you download Club Penguin's doorm?

I believe you mean 'Club Penguin Storm', more commonly known as 'Penguin Storm.' This program is illegal and will get you banned.

How do you download club penguin storm 12.5?

Penguin Storm. Penguin Storm is no longer available after they went into hot water with Disney. Penguin Storm no longer exists, nor does Microchips123's other Club Penguin hacking tools.

Where to do download penguin 4 for Club Penguin?

Penguin 4 is old try penguin storm 9. Download it from the related link below.

Where do you download a free penguin storm 3.1?

Answers on the keyboard club penguin storm 3.1 easy

Where can you download penguin ice?

Where do you download club penguin storm 7?

thats easy http;//penguin-storm7/

Dowload for club penguin storm 6.1?

please download the penguin strom 6.1.