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It's pretty easy, if you have the time for it. It depends on what type of your pet loves.

Just do the gobbler drop games about more then 10 times and after it feed it, its favorite snack and it will double your exp for your pet. After doing this a right amoutn of times your pet will be an aadult in no time.

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Q: Cheats to get your pet to an adult on wizard101?
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What do you do with an adult pet in wizard101?

You can train it up to Mega, enter it in Pet Derbies, and hatch a pet with it.

How do you turn your pet into an adult in wizard101?

Just train it. Play games and gain your pet experience to hit the adult level.

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How do you get a fire serpent spell on wizard101?

You can get the fire serpent pet and grow it to an adult, or you can buy it at the "BAZZAR" in oldetown.

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