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No there ain't a traning points cheats

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Q: Is there a training point cheat in wizard101?
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Can you have training points on wizard101 on cheat engine?

you can only if you are a lvl 4 and about to be a lvl 5

What is millions of gold cheat code for wizard101?

There are no such cheat as that.

What level do you have to be to get a training point in wizard101?

every 4 levels until level 20. then its every five levels

What is the infinite gold cheat for wizard101?

No cheat for infinite gold, sorry.

What cheat coad do you use on wizard101 to get 1000 crowns?

There is no cheat code.

Is there cheat codes for wizard101 in 2012?


Where do you put cheat codes in wizard101?

on your account

What is a cheat code for crowns in wizard101?

there none

What is a cheat to get money on wizard101?

there is no cheat unless you get cheat engine and go to google or something and look for a video that says unlimited money for wizard101. if you figure it out plz email me the directions at

Can you get banned from wizard101 if using cheat engine?


Does the seven elven cheat in wizard101 work?

It expired

What is a really new cheat code for wizard101?

All of them expired, no "really new cheat code". The only code to get is the code you obtain when you buy a wizard101 gift card.