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The Cheat is down,left,a,1,2,air,right

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What does air mean?
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Q: Cheat codes for hot wheels battle force 5?
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Who is Tezz on Hot Wheels Battle Force 5?

the 6th member of the battle force five

Are there cheat codes for earth defence force insect Armageddon?


Cheat coads for star wars the force unleashed?

Cheat codes that I know:CortosisCountdookuLightsaberSpeederVergenceKatarnand I think there are more.

What are the codes to play alien attack ben10 alien force?

If you mean the cheat codes google them.

Where can you get hot wheels battle force 5 wallpaper?

You can find wallpapers on the Battle Force 5 website (

What are the cheat codes in special force online?

/7740f sv_glitch wallhack

Star wars Force unleashed cheat codes?

If there are any, will have them.

How do you get to the cheat menu in Star Wars the force unleashed?

u go to extras and go to cheat codes

Are there Star wars the force unleashed cheat codes?

yes, go to cheatplanet, 360, the force unleashed, cheats. you can get a cheat code book and it is called "cheat code explosion".

What are the cheat codes of sf special force online game?

Most multiplayer games contain no cheat codes. You might find unlockables and secrets though.

How do you get unlimited force power in Star Wars the force unleased?

just type in on the cheat codes vengence

What are the release dates for Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 - 2009?

Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 - 2009 was released on: USA: 29 August 2009