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If there are any, will have them.

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Q: Star wars Force unleashed cheat codes?
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Cheat coads for star wars the force unleashed?

Cheat codes that I know:CortosisCountdookuLightsaberSpeederVergenceKatarnand I think there are more.

Are there Star wars the force unleashed cheat codes?

yes, go to cheatplanet, 360, the force unleashed, cheats. you can get a cheat code book and it is called "cheat code explosion".

How do you get to the cheat menu in Star Wars the force unleashed?

u go to extras and go to cheat codes

How do you put in cheat codes for star wars force unleashed?

Press start and select input code

How do you enter cheats on star wars the force unleashed 2?

Go To Options Then Select Cheat Codes

Where do you put star wars the force unleashed 2 cheat codes wii?

Unlike the first Force Unleashed, you can't enter in codes. You can only unlock cheats by completing certain achievements. In the main menu, at the cheats panel, it tells you what you have to do in order to unlock that cheat.

How do you get a blue crystal in star wars the force unleashed for the Wii?

you get to the CHEAT CODE menu and find cheat codes for it i got all colers so trust me

How do you get Darth Maul on Star Wars the force unleashed?

There is no cheat for that.

Is there a cheat for all levels in Star Wars the Force Unleashed?


Are there cheat codes for Starwars the Force Unleashed?

yes there is but I forgt them so search up star wars the force unleashed cheats and click n the first link.the force unleashed 2 cheats yu have to unlock them on the game people that put cheats on for no.2 are all lies.

What is the cheat code to get everything in Star Wars the force unleashed?

yes there is, it is BLAKEROX

What is the unlock all levels cheat in Star Wars the force unleashed?