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pero en gimnasio hay pokemones de mas de lvl100

hasta 450 he visto

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2013-02-16 01:19:31
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Q: Can your Pokemon level up higher than level 100 in Pokemon crater?
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Can you get Pokemon level higher than 100?

No you can not get Pokemon higher than level 100.

What other Pokemon crater game works other than Pokemon crater x?

Pokemon indigo and Pokemon crater

What is the name of the Pokemon that is higher than level 100?

No Pokemon is higher than Level 100, except in the TDG, where you can obtain level X Pokemon. It's also rumored that in the upcoming games, Pokemon Black and Pokemon White, that Pokemon can be trained as high as level 150.

What is better than Pokemon crater?

Pokemon indigo

How can you beat a lvl 10 Pokemon?

Get a Pokemon that is higher than Level 10.

In Pokemon Vortex Can you get your Pokemon higher than level 100?

no there is no possible way

In Pokemon leaf green How do you evolve Pokemon if Pokemon is higher lv than evolve lv?

if you get a Pokemon that is higher than it's evolved level, say, a level 65 dragonair that evolves at level 55 (true) and you catch it in the wild. just level it up one and it will evolve.

What level do your Pokemon have too be at phenac city?

higher than the man girls Pokemon and shadow Pokemon

Can Pokemon GO higher than level 100 in black and white?


What is the Level 50 All rule in Pokemon Battle Revolution?

it means that the Pokemon that you will face will be level 50 if you use a Pokemon that is higher than level 50 the oppenents will be on the level of the highest Pokemon you got

Can you get higher than level 100 on Pokemon pearl?

No. 100 is the highest level there is without hacking :)

Can a Pokemon be higher than level 100?

no, but some rumors say that its possible on Pokemon black and white.

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