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No you can not get Pokemon higher than level 100.

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Q: Can you get Pokemon level higher than 100?
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What is the name of the Pokemon that is higher than level 100?

No Pokemon is higher than Level 100, except in the TDG, where you can obtain level X Pokemon. It's also rumored that in the upcoming games, Pokemon Black and Pokemon White, that Pokemon can be trained as high as level 150.

Can you get higher than level 100 on Pokemon pearl?

No. 100 is the highest level there is without hacking :)

In Pokemon Vortex Can you get your Pokemon higher than level 100?

no there is no possible way

Can Pokemon GO higher than level 100 in black and white?


Can you train a Pokemon more than level 100?

cannot,if there any higher than 100 thas in cheat

Can a Pokemon be higher than level 100?

no, but some rumors say that its possible on Pokemon black and white.

In heart gold and soul silvir can Pokemon get higher than level 100?

no, not at all

How do you train your Pokemon higher than level 100?

A Pokemon cannot go more than level 100 You cannot train a Pokemon past level 100, however, you can catch one over level 100. To do this you need to do the missingno glitch, and just sail until you see a ridiculously high level Pokemon. It will not be easy to catch this Pokemon seeing as it can be 2, maybe even 3 times stronger than your strongest Pokemon.

Can you get your Pokemon higher than level 100?

No. But according to rumors, Pokemon Black & White of the 5th generation will feature Pokemon that can climb to level 150. Agreed- PokemonGeek123

How on Pokemon Lake can your Pokemon get higher then level 100?

Rare Candy

What is the code for level999 Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

There is no code for Pokemon higher then level 100. It would be unfair in vs battles with other players, and Nintendo didn't make Pokemon higher then level 100.

How do beat the second elite four in Pokemon Black?

Have a level 100 Risheram that knows fly. Have a level 85 or higher Victini (if you don't have one use a Volcarona level 90 or higher.) Have another level 100 and 3 more Pokemon that are level 75 or higher.