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i think it depends on the what texture pack you get for it

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"Texture Packs, MASH-up packs, and Skins, although they can be bought, cannot be used".

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Q: Can you use texture packs on minecraft demo?
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How do you get Minecraft texture packs with out signing into to Minecraft?

You can if you use mods or server texturepacks

Wheres hogwarts in the minecraft texture packs?

you have to find and download texture packs to use them.... there is only 1 included with the game.

How do you use texure packs for Minecraft?

You download a texture pack, drag it into your texture pack folder, and then select it through Minecraft.

How do you put a texture pack on Minecraft?

When you downloaded the texture pack, it should be in a zip file. You have to put the .zip file into the %appdata%>.minecraft>texture packs if you are a mac user: Your Mac id>Library>application support>minecraft>texture packs. Do not use the Library in the macintosh HD Drive. Then you open up minecraft, then you go into texture packs and mods. Then choose the texture pack, then say ok, then play minecraft :)

How do you use texture packs in Minecraft?

Simply download the texture pack and place the zip file in the texturepacks folder in the .minecraft directory

Can you install HD texture packs in minecraft without mcpatcher?

For HD texture packs (over 16x16 in resolution), you have to use either MCPatcher or OptiFine in order for the textures to work and animate correctly.

Can you use a texture pack in minecraft forf ree?

There is no charge for installing a texture pack in Minecraft. You can download texture packs from the internet by typing the kind of texture pack you want into Google followed by "Minecraft textures" On rare occasion, sites may charge you for a texture pack or a series of packs, but you usually don't want to give your credit card info to a site you don't trust, and you can get textures of the same or better quality for free.

Why does water in minecraft stay default when I use texture packs?

Its a fluid block. you need mcpatcher to change water or lava.

What is the resolution for Minecraft?

The default is 16x16, but you can use HD texture packs that can go much higher, 64x64, 128x128, 256x256... Etc

Are there any patchers for minecraft besides mcpatcher?

Optifine is another but not too many texture packs and mods are compatible with it. It just depends on what you use.

How do you use HD texture pack for minecraft?

You basically use a HD texture pack for Minecraft in the same way as a normal texture pack. First off, to use a texture pack you must first download one, you can find plenty on After you have downloaded your texture pack, you then place the .Zip texture pack file into the "texturepacks" folder. But for a HD texture pack you must first download MCpatcher, which allows you to use HD texture packs, you can also find MCpatcher on or you can just simply google it, and like before, you just place your texture pack into the "texturepacks" folder. After you have done this, Run minecraft and click on the "Mods and Texture packs" option, then the texture pack you have placed in that folder will appear as an option in this page. Simply click the texture pack then click "Done". All you need to do now, is play :D.

Are texture packs safe?

Most texture packs (as most things available in vanilla Minecraft) are completely safe, although some (very few, mind that) may contain viruses. I use two besides the default one, and nothing bad has happened to my Minecraft copy yet! So in conclusion, yes, they are safe.