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No, you need the university expansion pack to make zombie Sims.

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Q: Can you turn your sim into a zombie on The Sims 2 apartmentlife?
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How do you turn your sim into a zombie in sims 2 double deluxe?

you need uni to do it

How you can ask your zombies to eat your Sim on Sims 2?

It is not possible to have a zombie Sim eat a regular Sim.

What the code on your back on your booklet of the sims apartmentlife?

The code is different for ever game you buy for the Sim's No one will ever have the same code. So if you lost i don't know what you should do.

On The Sims 2 can you make a zombie kiss a living sim?

Yes if they are in love

What can you turn your sim into on The Sims 3?

You can turn them into a vampire if you have the sims 3 late night.

What can you turn your sim into on Sims 3 for wii?

On the Sims 3 for Wii, you cannot buy Expansion packs, so unfortunately you're unable to turn your sims into Vampires, or anything on the PC Expansion pack, Surpernatural (werewolf, zombie, wizard/witch, fairy, vampire, ghost) or the genie. Your Sim can turn into a Child, Teen, Adult, or Elder, so it can age up. Sorry!

Can your make your sim turn into a WereWolf in the sims 2 deluxe without the sims 2 pets?

Unfortunately no, you'll need the sims 2 pets to make your sim turn into a werewolf.

Can you turn a sim into a werewolf on The Sims 2 ps2?

no they cant but they can turn into a werewolf on the sims 2 pets for pc

How do you make your Sim become a zombie in Sims 2 double deluxe for PC?

You can't without University.

Can your sims get a injury on sims 2?

No , your Sim can not get an injury , although they can get a flu , which can turn into phenomena , which can lead to your Sims death.

How do you make a zombie on the sims 2?

You MUST have APARTAMENT LIFE or UNIVERCITY. With Apartament Life, find an evil witch, which can turn you to a zombie, with Univercity, there is a phone in career rewards which connect you with the Grim Reaper, if you have a dead sim, call him, he'll want you to pay him, pay §200 and he'll be a zombie.

How do you turn into an alien on sim2 on ps2?

Your sims can not turn into an alien but u can create a sim as an alien by clicking on what skin color for your sim