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Yes, with the expansion pack, Supernatural, you can bring sims back from the dead. Only a witch can perform the ritual and at first, the sim will come back as a zombie. You must then concoct the potion that cures Sims of zombification, or you can use the Sunlight Charm on the Zombie to cure the zombification however only witches can perform this.

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Q: Can you bring your sim back from the dead in sims 3 supernatural?
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Can you bring back a dead non controllable sim?

For the sims 2, yes.

Can you bring a dead person back to life?

I don't think so which sims game is this on ?

How can I switch Sims when your Sim dies on The Sims 2 castaway?

if you have two and if you have 2 you can bring the dead one back to life

Can you bring back the dead Sims on Sims- Life Stories?

You can bring bring them back to life butnot always. When the grimreaper come click on him plead for your love. Then y'all will play rock paper scissors. if you when that person will be saved but if you lose that person is dead. So that's a 50/100 Chance

Where is the death daisy in sims 2 castaway?

The death daisy is located where one of your Sims has died. If it is found you get to bring your dead Sim back to life!

When is Sims 3 supernatural coming out?

When is the sims 3 supernatural comming out

How do you bring back the dead on the sims?

when a person dies on sims, the grim reaper comes and gives you a chance to bring your family member back to life. But if you don't win the game of rock paper scissors that you play with the grim reaper you cannot bring your family member back to life, the grim reaper is the only chance you got to bring your sim back to life.

How do you bring dead pets back to life on sim's 2 pets?

you cant bring a pet back to life but if a sim dies and you have their grave, then you might be able to see the sims ghost once and a while

What job do you need to get the machine to bring you back from the dead on the sims 2?

u need university. it is called resurect-O-nomitron. click it and click call reaper. u get to choose the sim. CAUTION: if ur sims does not know any dead sims, it will not work.

What platform is the Sims 3 supernatural for?

Sims 3 Supernatural is an EP (Expansion Pack) for the PC game, Sims 3.

How do you bring a sim back to life in The Sims 2 nightlife?

two ways 1.} Insinerator which is a mod OR 2.} Install sims 2 university and unlock the paranormal career reward which u can use to bring ur sims back from the dead by paying the grim reaper money (if you want your sim/s back in one piece pay 4500-5000 simloans)

When will The Sims 3 Supernatural be released for the Wii?

The Sims 3 Supernatural will not be released for the Wii and Supernatural will only be available for Microsoft Windows and OS X.

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