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They can't.

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Q: Can you make your vampire sim turn to a bat on The Sims 3?
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When can you turn into a bat on sims 2 double deluxe?

You can turn into a bat only when you are a Vampire.

Can a vampire bat make you turn into a vampire?


What amimals can vampire turn into in sims 2?

the only animal a vampire can turn into is a bat you click on a spot choose "fly here" they turn into a bat fly to the area you tell it to go then will turn back to a normal vampire

How do you make a vampire in Pocket God?

Pull up the moon then tap on it, a bat will come and bite a pygmy who will turn into a vampire.

How do you turn into a bat and vampire and then turn back to normal?


Is it true when you get bit by a vampire bat will you turn in to a vampire?

No it's false. Vampire Bats bite animals not humans. Real bats eat bugs. That's the answer. NOTE: 50% Sure 50% Not Sure Vampire bat will not make you into a vampire - however bats are the most common carriers of Rabies which will turn into something worse than a vampire.

Can a vampire bat turn a person into a vampire?

OF COURSE NOT ! want to know why? because there are no Vampire Bats!

Can you become a vampire bat in sims 2 double deluxe?

You can become a vampire if you meet one and become friends until it bites you, but to fly like a bat you click a spot (as a vampire) and choose 'fly here'

How do you make a bat on alchemy for droid?

vampire + bird = bat

When its a full moon how does a vampire shape-shift?

it turn into a bat

Can you turn into a vampire if you really try?

No. A real vampire, not the vampires of fiction and lore, is a little bat.

How do you turn into a bat on sims?

If their a vampire then just click on the ground and you will see the options to: go here, stalk, walk and fly. Just click fly and then you will fly there but it must be a place that you can get to on feet.