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Yes...Thats basics man...jks

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Q: Can you tribute summon and then attack on the same turn?
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Can you attack in the same turn you tribute summon a monster?

Yes, you can attack with the Tribute Summoned monster unless a card effect tells it not to or it is after the Battle Phase.

Can you tribute summon a monster and attack with it in the same turn?

Yes, assuming you did it in Main Phase 1.

Can you tribute on the same turn as you summon a monster in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Yes, you can tribute monsters for card effects and Tribute Summon the same turn you summon a monster. However, you cannot Normal Summon a monster and Tribute Summon on the same turn because you can only Normal Summon once per turn. Cards such as Double Summon and Ultimate Offering will let you do that.

Is a synchro summon the same as a tribute summon?

Not quite. A Synchro Summon is a Special Summon. A Tribute Summon is the same as a Normal Summon, except that when you Tribute Summon you need to tribute monsters. Also you can Special Summon as many times as you want to in a turn, whereas you can only Normal Summon OR Tribute Summon once per turn, except with a card effect.

Can you tribute summon and normal summon in the same turn?

Under normal circumstances, you are only allowed one Normal Summon per turn. A Tribute Summon is a kind of Normal Summon, meaning that if you wanted to do both in one turn, you'll need an effect that specifically lets you, like Double Summon. Note that a special summon that requires tribute, is not a Tribute Summon. You can perform those in the same turn as a Normal Summon.

Is tribute summon the same as normal summon in yugioh?

A tribute summon is a form of Normal Summon. So that means you can only tribute summon OR normal summon ONCE per turn.

Can you tribute the same turn during a normal summon?

You can definitely tribute a monster on the same turn as a Normal Summon, ie, you can normal summon Exiled Force and tribute it for its effect. What you can't do is tribute it for a Tribute Summon because this is another Normal Summon, you can't perform two in a turn unless an effect allows you to do so. But you can tribute that monster for other things, like an activation cost or for a special summon.

Can you attack with a monster then tribute it to summon another monster in the same turn?

Yes, this is legal. You have two main phases, one either side of the battle phase, there is no rule that says a monster that attacks can't be tributed, or that attacking stops you summoning. You can attack with a monster, then tribute it for a tribute summon in main phase 2.

In Yu-Gi-Oh if you summon a monster can you tribute that monster the same turn?

Yes, just as long as you remember you are allowed only one Normal Summon per turn, and a tribute summon is a Normal Summon.So you could Special Summon a monster and tribute it for example.Also, you are free to tribute it as a cost for cards like Enemy Controller.

Can you tribute a monster on the same turn you played it in Yu Gi Oh?

Yes, nothing stops you doing that. But of course since you're limited to one normal summon per turn, you can't normal summon a monster and then tribute it for a tribute summon. But you're free to tribute it for the cost of an effect or a special summon.

Can you Tribute monsters on your opponents turn?

Yes. If the tribute is for a Tribute Summon, then you can't attack with any monster again afterwards, since this Summon will occur in Main Phase 2. If the tribute is for a card effect and resolves during the Battle Phase, then you can attack again with another monster, since it would still be the Battle Phase.

Can you tribute a monster on the same turn you played it in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Yes, there is nothing inherently within the tributing or summoning rules which would stop you from tributing a monster you summoned the same turn you summoned it. Obviously, due to the regular summon rules, you can not Tribute Summon the monster you just Normal Summoned on the same turn; it would count as two Normal Summons. But if the first summon was a Special Summon, you had used "Double Summon", or wanted to tribute it for an effect like "Enemy Controller", then it's totally fine to tribute that monster for them.