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Yes. With the time machine in gold.

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Q: Can you trade mew and mewtwo from Pokemon Yellow to gold?
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Where can you get Mewtwo in Pokemon gold?

You can't you need to trade him from Pokemon red,yellow or blue.

Best Pokemon in Pokemon Gold?

Ho-oh, Lugia and mewtwo (you cannot catch mewtwo in gold, you have to trade it from red, yellow or blue) Tyranitar however is much stronger than those pokemon ^

Can you catch mew and Mewtwo in silver and gold?

no you can't you need to trade it from Pokemon blue,red, and yellow

Where is Mewtwo in Pokemon Crystal?

Mewtwo is not found in the wild in Pokémon Crystal, or Gold or Silver. You will need to trade one over from Red, Blue, or Yellow.

Where do you find Mewtwo in Pokemon Gold?

You'll need to trade for it.

What Pokemon game is Mewtwo and Girodos in?

red blue yellow pokemon silver gold crystal

How do you find Mewtwo in Pokemon Gold?

You'll need to trade for it or use the GameShark.

How do you trade in Pokemon Yellow to gold?

you have to get a life!!

Can Pokemon Yellow trade with Pokemon Gold?

im not sure but i know you can trade from blue and red to gold silver and crystal so i think yellow too. Well my brother had Pokemon sliver and i had Pokemon gold (but the game broke and everytime i play it, it turns off at random times) but my brother was able to trade his mewtwo from Pokemon yellow to his sliver one (then he traded it to me on my crystal on) -- idk where it is now cause on my hall of fame i had him but know i don't-- so since gold and silver are pretty much the same, you probably can do it.

How do you get mew 2 on Pokemon Gold?

That's easy. Once the time capsule is open (in the PKMN Center), trade Mewtwo from your Red, Blue, or Yellow game. Sadly, if you don't have a link cable, a Red, Blue, or Yellow, and/or another Game Boy, you can't get Mewtwo unless you trade with someone who does have it.

What games can Pokemon Gold trade with?

It can trade with Pokemon gold,silver,crystal,yellow,red and blue but you can only trade with red,yellow and if you can use the cable club time capsule.

Can Pokemon Yellow trade with pokemon silver and gold?

Yes it can. Using the Time Capsule in Gold and Silver it's possible to trade between Red, Blue, and Yellow.

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