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Yes it can. Using the Time Capsule in Gold and Silver it's possible to trade between Red, Blue, and Yellow.

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Q: Can Pokemon Yellow trade with pokemon silver and gold?
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How do you get carmander in Pokemon Silver?

you trade it from Pokemon red/blue or yellow

Can you catch Mewtwo in Pokemon Silver?

No you can't catch Mewtwo in Pokemon silver, you must trade it from Pokemon yellow.

How do you get vulpix in Pokemon Gold?

You have to trade with silver to get, or blue and yellow.

Where do you find a Charmander on Pokemon silver version?

You'll need to trade for it from Pokemon Red, Blue, or Yellow.

Can you get a Charizard in Pokemon Silver?

yes, trade from red, blue, of yellow

Can you trade from pokemon leafgreen to Pokemon Yellow?

Sadly you can't. You can trade From Yellow to : Red, Blue, Green, Gold, Silver and Crystal. From LeafGreen you can trade to : FireRed, Ruby, Saphire and Emerald.

Can Pokemon Silver trade with yellow?

Yes, you can trade with Red, Blue, and Yellow with the Time Capsule in Ecruteak City.

Can Pokémon Yellow and Pokémon silver trade Pokémon?

Yes, those games can trade Pokemon. After entering Ecruteak City's Pokemon Center for the first time, you will see Bill. He will tell you that he has finished fixing the time machine and that it will be ready for you to use in one day. After seeing him and waiting one day, you can use the time machine (upstairs in the Pokemon Center, the one all the way to the right). However, you can not trade new Pokemon or Pokemon with new moves from Silver to Yellow. Also, you can not trade glitch Pokemon (such as MissingNo.) from Yellow to Silver.

You have Pokemon collection but how do you trade your Squirtle from Pokemon yellow to Pokemon silver?

i tried cant give 2nd gen to 1st gen.

How do you get Zapdos in silver version?

you have to trade from red blue or yellow. zapdos is not catchable in Pokemon silver.

Can you trade Pokemon from Pokemon yellow to Pokemon yellow?

Yes you can trade Pokémon between two Pokémon Yellow games.

What other game can Pokemon silver trade with?

gold, red, blue, yellow