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No. Pokemon isn't worth a PSP. Unless it is really rare Pokemon or lots of em. Try selling a lot or Pokemon or really rare kinds. It would help you save up for a PSP.

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Q: Can you trade Pokemon with psp emulator?
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Is there Pokemon on PSP?

No. Pokemon is for Nintendo products. Not Sony. If you saw it on a psp, the psp was hacked with an emulator.

Is it legal to put Pokemon on psp?

If you meant putting an emulator on your psp and loading on Pokemon roms that is illegal.

How can you trade Pokemon on emulators?

You cam only trade Pokemon in emulators to another emulator. If you are trying to trade a Pokemon from the emulator to your actual game you can't

How do you trade Pokemon on the emulator?

you cannot trade on the visual boy advance emulator.

How do you trade Pokemon in PSP to PSP?

sorry but there is no Pokemon on psp

Is there a PSP emulator that works without a PSP?

There is no psp emulator that works without the psp. There is a psp emulator for the PC if u wanted to play psp games.

Can you trade Pokemon from psp?

No, you can't.

Is there a PSP emulator?

Yes there is a PSP emulator. To get one, copy and paste the link below and choose the emulator you like.

Can you trade Pokemon on ds emulator computer to an actual ds?


Can you play Pokemon on a PSP if so how?

well u can hack it by putting custom firmware (ctf) (youtube it) like some people call it and download and gameboy advance emulator and Pokemon ROM at (just Google for the psp game boy emulator) and tada its there

What emulator work to trade Pokemon?

What do you mean an emulator that works to trade pkm there's no such thing! an emulator has no wifi connection! the reason they don't have wifi is because they are not a legit copy of the game!

Is there a GameCube emulator for psp If there is please give me a link to it?

No its Impossible to create a GameCube Emulator For The PSP