Is there a PSP emulator

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes there is a PSP emulator. To get one, copy and paste the link below and choose the emulator you like.

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Q: Is there a PSP emulator
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Is there a PSP emulator that works without a PSP?

There is no psp emulator that works without the psp. There is a psp emulator for the PC if u wanted to play psp games.

Is there a GameCube emulator for psp If there is please give me a link to it?

No its Impossible to create a GameCube Emulator For The PSP

Where can one purchase a PSP emulator for the PC?

As the PSP runs on it's own operating system unique to the handheld finding a working emulator on the computer can be a hassle and will often times result in crashes. However you can find a PSP emulator at websites such as emulator-zone.

Is there Pokemon on PSP?

No. Pokemon is for Nintendo products. Not Sony. If you saw it on a psp, the psp was hacked with an emulator.

What folder will you put PSP emulator?

The GAME folder within the PSP folder.

Is there an emulator for PSP?

yeah! actually my friends has it.

Can you get openoffice on your PSP?

yes but you need an emulator

How can you get PSP emulator?

there is an emulator but it is very difficult to set up search youtube for a decent tutorial

Is there a ps2 emulator for psp and where you can download it?

No. There isn't one now. No. There isn't one now. Well there are two that u cn download on but they dont work.

What about Final Fantasy crisis core?

its a psp game. u need an emulator or a psp to play

I saw somewere pcsx2 ps2 emulator ported to psp is it true?

No, it hasn't, and probably never will. The ps1 emulator pushes the psp as it is, and even some of the top of the line computers have a hard time running pcsx2 at even half speed. As it is we still don't have a working N64 emulator for the psp.

How you play PSP games on your computer?

There is a emulator at you will need to have the game files on your computer. there may be a program that gets the games off your psp source : i found out about emulator zone on