Can you teach leafeon leaf blade?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes but it has to be on a certain level i think level 31 34 36 38 sometin like that

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Q: Can you teach leafeon leaf blade?
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What level does leafeon learn leaf blade?

Leafeon learns leaf blade at level 71.

What moves does leafeon learn?

best moves for leafeon: leaf blade grasswhistle trump card shadow ball or aerial ace

In Pokemon Platinum what trainer has a leafeon?

gardenia has a leafeon.She catch leafeon a new form from eevee.Eevee new evolutions it's leafeon.leafeon using spore,leaf blade,razor leaf,earthquake,magical leaf,leaf drain.

A good moveset for a leafeon?

Leaf Blade - Level 71Dig (Against Fire-Types) - TM/Magical Leaf - Level 36Swords Dance (Used before Leaf Blade to boost attack) - Level 78/Grasswhistle - Level 57Cut - HM

How do you evolve eevee into a leafeon in heart gold?

To evolve your Evee into Leafeon, get a leaf stone, and use it on Evee, and it will evolve into Leafeon! Have fun with Leafeon! -Garrett

Who does a leaf stone evolve?

eve to leafeon

What the blade of the leaf?

A blade is the expanded part of the leaf

What attacks can leafeon learn in Pokemon Platinum?

The attacks Leafeon can learn via level up and through the use of TMs in Pokémon Platinum include Tackle, Quick Attack, Razor Leaf, Magical Leaf, Last Resort, Leaf Blade, Bullet Seed, Hyper Beam, Return, Frustration, Solarbeam, Iron Tail, Shadow Ball, Dig, Aerial Ace and Energy Ball.

How do you get a leafeon on pearl?

evolve eevee using a leaf stone

At what level does Leafeon learn Magical Leaf?

level 36

What stone do you use on evee to get a leafeon?

use a leaf stone

What is a good name for a leafeon in soul silver?

I think Leaf, Green, Maple, Flow, Rose, Lilly, Mossa, and Daisy would be great names for a Leafeon. (I named mine Leaf.)