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2012-11-02 15:20:35
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Q: When you try to play minecraft multiplayer it says failed to login im wondering if it is because minecraftnet is blocked?
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Why wont minecraftnet work on your computer?

Because It has to many people on it

Can you get minecraft Hunger Games on I pod touch?

No, because hunger games is a multiplayer thing and you cant play multiplayer on Ipodtouch, Iphone, or Ipad or any generation

Can you trust Minecraft?

You can trust it when you buy it but you can't trust players on multiplayer servers because they usually grief

Why you cant join minecraft multiplayer its says verify username?

Because you probobally have a free account or you havn't bought it

Can you use tekkit in offline multiplayer?

I honestly think so, because their is a buzz of "minecraft tekkit cracked servers".

Does the fossils and archeology mod for Minecraft work in multiplayer?

Yes but I wouldn't suggest it because there is only a certain amount of fossils.

Is Minecraft a dating game?

Yes, and no. If you are on multiplayer you can, but only if the rules allow you to. But technically no, because it is mostly for building. So that's that.

How do you get minecraft without an account?

i recommend just buying the game because even if you get it for free (which would probably be illegal) you will still have trouble with multiplayer

Why does it say website under construction when i try to go to minecraftnet?

Because they are upgrading their website, it says that for everyone.

How do you don't save at Minecraft multiplayer?

Minecraft multiplayer is not the same as a single-player game. You play on a server that is hosted by someone else, and all of your information on that specific server is saved in database files. You don't have to do anything specific in order to "save", because everything you do on the server is automatically changed and reflected in the files.

Is Minecraft good on Xbox?

yes it is very good because you can do instant multiplayer and connect with people online but it is only beta 1.8 right now

What is the ip address for minecraft four towers?

There isn't an ip, because its a world file and not a multiplayer server. If you want to play it though, download it from the link below this answer, and then put the downloaded file into your minecraft saves folder, which you can get to by pressing start, typinginto the box, clicking on roaming, then on .minecraft. Inside that folder is the saves folder.

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