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Q: Can you summon herobrine in creative mode in minecraft?
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Can you summon herobrine in the 1.5.2 update on minecraft in creative mode?

No. Herobrine is a myth. He is NOT, nor was he EVER, in Minecraft.

Is herobrine on minecraft pocket edition creative mode?

No You Can't unless you have a mod.

Can you summon herobrine in minecraft for xbox360 on creative mode?

There is no such thing as Herobrine. Herobrine was a myth based of a problem minecraft kept having when it was in development. The game would crash and say HERO(some random numbers)BRINE. The creator of Minecraft, Notch (minecraft username), had a brother who had recently passed away. His name was Herobrine. People started stories and eventually it became a minecraft legend. Every update the noted changes always include -removed Herobrine in remembrance of the glitch.

Will summoning herobrine in minecraft work in creative mode?

It depends which mod you are using. There are many different mods that add Herobrine into Minecraft, you'd have to look at each specific mod to see.

Can herobrine break blocks in Minecraft?

The great myth of Herobrine is hard to defeat. He can break through any type of block and he is apparently in creative mode able to spawn block.

Can herobrine spawn on creative mode?

you can't.

Is the creative mode on Minecraft Xbox?

at this time there is no creative mode on minecraft xbox edition

How do you use creative mode Minecraft?

Download the mode or change the play mode to creative.

How do you get creative mode on Minecraft Xbox?

there is not a creative mode on xbox minecraft but im shure if you ask notch he might add it

Are there monsters in minecraft pocket edition lite creative mode?

Yes, there's monsters in Minecraft P.E. creative mode.

Can you play creative mode in free no download minecraft?

Yes. In order to play in Creative mode without downloading Minecraft, go to their website, and find the button that says creative mode (free). And also browser on SupremeStrategy .com

Can you get string in minecraft creative mode?

Yes, it is under "Materials" in the Creative Mode inventory.