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there is not a creative mode on xbox minecraft but im shure if you ask notch he might add it

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Q: How do you get creative mode on Minecraft Xbox?
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Is the creative mode on Minecraft Xbox?

at this time there is no creative mode on minecraft xbox edition

How do you get play creative mode on minecraft xbox?

You cant, i don't want to buy it for xbox if theres no creative mode.

How many items are there in minecraft xbox 360?

276 in survival mode. 322 in creative mode.

Does Minecraft for Xbox have creative mode yet?

No, it has not been updated to 1.2 yet.

When does minecraft creative mode come out for the xbox 360?

Oct 16, 2012

Will there be creative mode for Minecraft XBOX 360 version?

Yes in the next update

When is creative mode coming out for minecraft xbox 360?

in the sahbar ten 4

Will the minecraft xbox 360 edition include creative mode?

Yes, maybe in the future.

Can you use redstone dust on minecraft creative mode xbox 360 edition?

Yes you can!

When will minecraft creative mode com out for xbox?

Notch isn't going to make any updates for Xbox. Just get the computer version.

When do you get creative mode on minecraft xbox?

It's not available. They might update the game later to have it, but for now you can't get it.

Is there creative mode on xbox minecraft?

yes but you need to update if you don't have it. if it dosnt notify you then you need to get internet connection